Through diverse forms of creative production and storytelling, THE REEL intends to help people interpret their world so that they may be better suited to enact positive change. We strive to charter a new era of awareness, growth, and creative harmony for future generations.

We are a growing collective in constant search for collaborators in all fields, interests, and concerns


KZA who founded THE REEL in 2018, is a filmmaker, producer, and entrepreneur focused on bringing light to emerging talent in all fields.

MALACH DORELL is an artist concentrating in film production and creative direction with additional work in graphic design, illustration, and photography. In a world where multifaceted approaches to ideas are needed now more than ever, he applies his natural tendency for conceptual development and design to assist others in realizing the full creative potential of their project.

DERRON is a photographer and videographer focused on portraiture, fashion, and automobiles.

ARENS is a webdeveloper...