John TR3 Pritchett - Pick & Roll (Prod By Olasegun)

"pick a role like pick & rolls & try to slide from behind"
Olasegun dropped this beauty off at my door steps so I had to do the right thing.
Recorded/Shot at Red Rose Studios
Directed By The Reel TV

Lauren Mose - I Wanna Know  
(Directed by KZA)

Lauren Mose drops her powerful track "I Wanna Know" to learn more about her love.
Director/Editor: KZA @kingkza
DP: Adam Wolf @adamwolffilm
Dancer: Madelin Hernandez @afromadlin
Artist: Lauren Mose @kitfranki

Young Ta - Count On  (Directed by KZA)

Directed by KZA @KingKZA Camera by Derron Raymore @NYCBOB
Edited by KZA & Danny Hernandez @Danny_Logan
Song by Tyler Oakes @youngtaofficial__

Lauren Mose - Ad Hominem  
(Directed by KZA)

Directed and Edited By KZA @kingkza
Camera By Derron Raymore @nycbob
Song By Lauren Mose @laurendmose
Special Thanks to Divino's Restaurant and everyone who was involved!

KZA  (2020 Reel)

i learned this year that my purpose wasn't to make better films but to make a better world. thank you to everyone who has watched any of my videos and a huge shoutout to all the amazing artists that believed in me! can't wait to see what the future holds. - kza

The End  
(A Short Film Directed by KZA)

Adonis is cleaning out his room. When he comes across an old photo album, it sends him back to the past to reminisce about what he once had.
This is the Beginning of the End.
Jadon Flotterton
Zena Khafagy
Bernie Israel
Mahsa Shahbazi
“Young Love” by Bleu Jetta
“Time Machine” by Logic (Cover by Danny Logan)
“Butterfly” by Danny Logan (@danny_logan)